Hertfordshire Family Forum- 19 May 2022 (6 pm for 6.30 pm- until 8pm)

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The Domestic Abuse Act 2021


Responding to Perpetrators of Domestic Abuse:
The Hertfordshire Partnership Approach

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The HFJB are delighted to welcome Emily Beer, counsel of 3 Dr Johnson’s Buildings as our first speaker. Emily will be delivering an essential guide to the Domestic Abuse Act and its aims, outcomes and impact on local practice. Emily will tackle the thorny question of whether the family court process has re-traumatised victims and if the Domestic Abuse Act will help.

Emily was called to the bar in 2004 and specialises in all areas of family law including domestic abuse. Emily appears in the local Hertfordshire courts regularly and also in the Court of Appeal and in the Supreme Court.

In the second part of the forum the HFJB welcome speakers from the Change ProjectFor Baby’s Sake Trust, the No More Service and the Hertfordshire Domestic Abuse Partnership all of whom are organisations in Hertfordshire offering services and developing interventions to support behavioural change for perpetrators of domestic abuse. Full particulars in the attached link

An invaluable opportunity for all professionals who are involved in the Family Justice System to understand exactly what services are available in order to signpost clients and those in need, to the essential help and resources available locally.

We hope you can join us for what we believe will be a stimulating and informative evening of academic and practical interest.

Danielle Peters on behalf of the Hertfordshire Family Justice Board and Hertfordshire University warmly invite you for refreshments after the event and to pass on this invitation to any colleagues or contacts who might be interested but who have not received a personal invitation.

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